Mayumi Ennaka (Keybord)
Yuko Kureyama (Guitar,Vo)
Natiho Toyota (Drums)
Makiko Toba (Bass,Vo)


関西アンダーグラウンド・シーンの中で、ノイズ/フリー・ミュージック派から関西ゼロ世代 までを自由に往来し、感性の赴くままに音を紡ぎ出すガールズ・バンド。

2008年3月、米White Shoe Recordsより1stアルバム『Girls In The White Dream』を発表。以後、米SXSWへの出演、ファッション・デザイナー Mara HoffmanのNY Fashion Weekのショウで演奏、Boredomsのギターオーケストラ隊として英国ATPへ参加など、多岐に渡って活動を続ける。 2012年3月には、Thomason Soundsより2ndアルバム『UNI8』を発表。


Emerging from the renowned Kansai underground music scene,
Water Fai mixes influences from free improvisation/noise,
Kansai "Zero Generation" music,and any other directions
that their sensibility guides them.

In March 2008, the group released "Girls In The White Dream"
from White Shoe Records (US). International performances
include a SXSW performance in 2010 and Mara Hoffman's
runway show during NY Fashion Week in 2011. In March 2012,
the group released their following album "UNI8" from
ThomasonSounds. In the same year,members of the group
performed with the Boredoms Guitar Orchestra
at the All Tomorrow's Parties festival in the UK.

With vibrant melodies and blissful noise coalesced into
unified sounds,their music travels across Kansai, Japan and beyond.

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  • YYTV
  • Benefit for the Recovery in Japan (Compilation Album)
  • RATTRA/sugerx
  • Girls In The White Dream